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Photo credit: Patricia Parinejad

Design Haus Liberty and ARTLINER, in collaboration with Harvey & John partnered to exhibit an experiential art installation at the 2016 Venice Biennale. The exhibit showcased the specially created Dewlight sculpture. The piece plays with the sensory experience of its visitors engaging them through interactive elements and immersing them in an environment of dimming and illuminating lights.  Sophisticated in design, the Dewlight replicates the effect of morning dewdrops descending from a leaf. The installation surrounds users with the natural ephemeral qualities of condensation and deposition leaving their perception encountered with mist and an element of surprise. Dewfall encases its users within a storm, senses their interaction and engages with their reaction. The atmospheric backdrop of mirrors and darkness enhances the emotional state of nature and infinity.

Dare to touch the bigger drops and see the room come alive.

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